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Subhasish Pathak

Subhasish Pathak did his graduation in Metallurgical Engineering (B.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-Kharagpur), in the year 1985.

His research paper as a co-author on Charge Induced Effect on Creep and Hardness got published in Journal of Materials Science Letters 5 (1986), pg No: 643-644, Chapman and Hall. In the same year, he joined Alloy Steels Plant, SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.) and worked there for nearly 6 years making alloy steels of different grades in Electric Arc Furnaces. He resigned to venture as an entrepreneur and pursue independent research to develop Ceramic-coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Flux for Bottom-pour Moulds, Slide gate Ladle Nozzle Well filler. However, the almighty wished differently and in the year 1996, he started coaching physics to IIT-JEE and other national level JEE aspirants. In due course, he won the confidence of students in and around the locality of Durgapur, W.B., India. It was during his stint as professional coach he observed one or other type of inadequacies in existing physics books of standard XI and XII and he made up his mind to write a book that would cater to the need of students for both school level exams and National level JEEs. He commenced writing the first volume (containing Mechanics and General Properties of Matter) in the year 2010. The book saw the light of the day under the title "Physics Between the Lines” (published by Chhaya Prakashani Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata) in March, 2014 . The book has proved to be of immense help to students of standard XI an XII. Presently, he is writing a novel adding a new dimension to the mystery of the Pyramid of Giza. He has also been in the process of capturing his lectures on various topics of Physics and uploading the same on internet with a desire to serve a larger section of student community.

This website is intended to serve as a window between his expertise and the students needing a better understanding of the fundamentals of Physics.

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